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Aloha All.

I have a small air pump that works except for the fact the nipple broke off when I was moving things around.  This means I have no way to connect an airline to the pump!  The nipple is recessed, and I have an open tube of clear, silicon-based gutter sealant ready-to-hand.  I had thought I could take a section of airline, place it over the pump outlet, the seal up the recess.  Normally, for aquarium repair work, I would use a food safe silicon, but a tube of this stuff does not cost significantly less than a new air pump, and it tends not to store well once opened.  Does anyone know if using a non-food safe sealant would be safe for the fish in my intended repair?  If not, I’ll put the pump into deep storage until I need the appropriate sealant and buy a new one.


statistics: Posted by PVT-Kanaka — 8:52 PM – 1 day ago

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