Proper Introductions •

Just started getting into the hobbby. I am 65 years old and was looking for something enjoyable to do in my off hours. 
Started small with a 3.5 gal. Betta tank, a couple of moss balls and Peckerhead, my male Crowntail (Blue and Purple)
So far so good but recently got into some trouble with a Nitrite spike for no apparent reason that I could see.
Did some 30% water changes and it dropped down to approximately 9-10 ppm
Fish seems normal enough.
Have a 29 gallon tall that I bought and haven’t setup yet due to lack of funding.
Looking for some ideas for a community tank easy enough for a beginner. Thinking some plants as well. Low light.

Hoping to learn from some of you “old timers”
See you in the forums.?

statistics: Posted by tattooed_meany — 2:44 AM – Aug 23

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