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Fleece filter manufacturer Klir has upgraded the sensor and controller on its Di-4 and Di-7 models, while also making the new sensor available as an upgrade path for existing V1 model owners. Launched in 2018, the groundbreaking roller filter from Klir is the only one on the market which can retrofit into an existing sump-based sock holder, be it 4” or 7” in diameter. This opens up a whole world of roller filter possibilities to those with fixed sock holders in the sump, but either won’t or can’t remove them.

Klir is made to fit into existing sock holders

Roller filters are not easy machines to master however and their design and manufacture can be an evolution in itself as manufacturers fine tune and perfect how they work in testing and how they function long term. The V2 comes fitted with a magnet mounted triple optical sensor to detect the water level and cause the advance of the roll, while also including tension collars on the spool for straighter, smoother advancement of the fleece. We also noticed a neat adaptor kit add-on from its distributor CoralVue to integrate Klir into the Hydros controller platform, although we don’t think it will actually offer Smart roll management like some others do, yet. 

V2 features a new sensor and controller

Due to its small size, ease of fitting and attractive retail price, Klir should be more popular than it has proved to be over the past five years. One of the few rollers we haven’t yet tried out, on paper its credentials are a good match for many makes of sump – especially acrylic, where sock section and sock holder removal is impossible. If previous models perhaps weren’t quite detecting, controlling and advancing as they should, let’s hope this latest tweak gets this slimline roller and its 50 micron fleece back on track.   

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