Journaling Studio •

1 hour and 10 minute session

Accomplished today:

  • Trimmed the Blyxa (never ending)
  • Tweaked a few pieces of Hygro, not much
  • Hairgrass trim
  • AR Mini trim again
  • Staurogyne touch up. Out of all my plants, I am most disappointed by the Stauro. It is an awesome plant, but does not react well to being shaded

When the tank clears up and it’s time for photo time tomorrow, if I can manage a more clear picture than I originally posted for the AGA Contest, then I will use the clearer pictures, deadline: October. 

I am my own worst enemy. Being a perfectionist can drive a person insane. Thankfully, there is no one here to deal with my insanity. :D

Once the contest closes, Office Space II will see a re-tweak. I have learned volumes, had my share of tragedies and mishaps. Ready to go for the gold so that by the time next year, I will be gunning for Top 10 or Top 3.

As usual, pictures tomorrow.

Album this week was Aes Dana’s “Inks” album. Ambient but with more upbeat sound. Been a huge fan of Aes Dana since first discovered them in 2002.


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