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Sep 03, 2012

All this discussion regarding Otocinclus lately made me start searching past articles and entries at the TFH Forum and here’s a few of the ones that are pretty much required reading for anyone that want’s to keep these cute little critters and garner a few photos of ones you’ll rarely have a chance to get in person.

The Otocinclus Paper [Work In Progress]
Crazygar’s definitive guide to the cute little critters.

Otocinclus Indentification
There’s a few links on this one that still work that are great in helping you figure out exactly which type of Otocinlus you have.

The Oto Journal
This is James0816 labour of love into documenting his journey of his little Oto friends.

Otocinclus Breeding
A short thread to discuss the breeding of these little ones complete with tank parameters.

OtoCinclus Cocama!!!!!
A thread discussing the mystical hard to find Otocinclus Cocama.

Otocinclus Cocama in Virginia
Another thread discussing the mystical hard to find Otocinclus Cocama.

By any account this listing isn’t comprehensive but if you come across any other’s on the TFH Forum or any other useful external links feel free to post them here.



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