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Despite being one of my personal favorite pygmy angelfishes, we’ve never really had a great reason to write about African flameback angelfish, until now. In an unexpected video release Sustainable Aquatics revealed that they had successfully raised a batch of the African flameback angelfish, Centropyge acanthops. 

The clip shows a nice batch of small, post-metamoprhosis flameback angelfish darting around some live rock like they love to do. Also visible in the video is a smaller number of lemonpeel angelfish and a single, tiny cream angelfish, the first documented rearing of Apolemichthys xanthurus. 

As some of you know, the SA Team has been working on an exciting pelagic spawner project. We can now announce that we are proud Centropyge acanthops parents! We want to apologize for not doing a gender reveal party. More are on the way as well!Check out this video of the African Flamebacks!

Posted by Sustainable Aquatics on Saturday, May 19, 2018

As diehard angelfish lovers we are thrilled to see this new development in Centropyge culture, and being reared on the mainland means that Sustainable Aquatics had to culture their own phyto and zooplankton to grow these angelfish. The full coloration of these captive bred flamebacks and lemonpeel angelfish has not developed and completely darkened up to their brilling blue and vivid yellow, so we imagine these fish still have a couple months of growing left to do before they will be available for sale. 

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